Deb dispenser with alcohol foaming hand sanitizer


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Manual Dispenser with similar look to the one on this picture and InstantFOAM Alcohol Hand Sanitizer
Hand sanitizing without water! The InstantFOAM is an EcoLogo Certified Product. InstantFOAM Alcohol kills more then 99.99% of many common germs in just 15 seconds.

Where to Use: Ideal for use in healthcare, food handling and any other work environment or public area where a higher level of hand hygiene is required.

InstantFOAM Formula - 4 times easier to spread than gels, improving germ-killing by 10 times compared to equivalent alcohol gels
Non-Taining to Food; NSF E3 Certified - Suitable for use in environments where food is being handled or produced
Perfume-Free & Dye-Free - Product will not taint food, suitable for all food handling environments
Hypoallergenic - Carefully formulated to minimize the likelihood of any adverse allergic reaction from occurring during use.

Contains Conditioner - Helps the skin feel smooth and firm after use
EcoLogo Certified - Provides customers with assurance that the products meet stringent standards of environmental leadership
USDA BioPreferred Certified - Assures the consumer that a product contains a verified amount of renewable biological ingredients
InstantFOAM has a kill rate of 99.99% within 30 seconds against most common bacteria including Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Salmonella choleraesuis, Streptococcus faecalis (VRE), Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans, Listeria monocytogenes, Trichophytin mentogrophytes (athlete’s foot), Clostridium difficile and Human Coronavirus. With InstantFOAM non-alcohol (non-flammable) sanitizers, no rinsing is required!


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